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Did you know...

Here are ten things I've learned in the past few days...

1)  A Blackberry is not waterproof (yes... you know this is going to be bad when I start with that).

2) Pushing someone in the pool on a hot Florida day is funny.

3) Pushing your husband into the pool is even funnier.

4) Pushing your husband into the pool while he's holding his Blackberry is NOT funny.

5) Finding out that all the information on said Blackberry has not been backed-up is even less funny.

6) Having no insurance on the phone means forking out lots of moolah for a brand new Blackberry (needless to say, NOT FUNNY)

7) Having the guy at phone center tell you that all the info stored on the phone (90% of everything) is lost and only the few numbers on the SIM card can be retrieved is...well, it's depressing.

8) Being told to stick the phone in a bag of rice for a few days in the hopes that it will somehow work is hilarious (also sounds like a bit of voodoo magic).

9) Going home immediately and putting the phone in rice anyway...funny.

10) Two days later, taking the phone out,shaking out the grains of rice, pressing the on button and seeing the darn thing come to life again...FREAKIN' CRAZY!

So the lesson learned is... always check before pushing someone in the pool and have a bag of rice close by if you forget.