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Copy edits are here!

The nice UPS guy just dropped off a package from Random House (I really should learn his name and not call him the nice UPS guy) and inside werer my copyedits!  For those of my friends not involved in the writing community, copyedits are the corrections/suggestions made by the copyeditor (duh!) about grammar and inconsistencies in the book etc.  I now take a look and see if I agree or disagree with their comments.  All I can say is that I must have failed the test on commas in middle-school because, oh my, a ton of them were missing!
So far I've agreed with almost every little red mark/comment made (but I'm only up to page 15), but I really need to read carefully as this book will now be in its almost final stage.  As my fantastic editor puts it... "it's not your absolute last time with [the book], just your last time before lots and lots of people will read it!" And by that she is referring to all the reviewers. 

Eeek... this is really happening people! 

Are Hershey Miniatures Good or Evil?

Is it fair that the Hershey Miniature packs now come in Dark Chocolate?  I mean there were always a few special dark chocolates mixed in with the milk chocolate, the krackel and the Mr. Goodbar minis

... but not a pack exclusively with dark chocolate.  This is going to be my saving grace or my downfall!  I am rewarding myself for every 30 minutes of writing by going to the refrigerator and grabbing a dark chocolate miniature (they come in special dark, dark with krispies and dark with peanuts). 

Just this afternoon I've had about six... okay, maybe like eight.... fine there are twelve empty wrappers, but I have no idea how they all got there!  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) 

The Book is Taking Shape

In about eleven months (11 months, 7 days to be exact) The Red Umbrella will be officially released.  Yep, May 12, 2010 is THE day, but already the book is starting to take shape.  Several things have happened in the last few days...

1) My author picture for the book jacket has been chosen (it's the one I'm now using as my blog profile picture)
2) Copy edits have been sent for my review (although I haven't received them yet)

3) My amazing and fabulous editor (I don't say that because she might one day read this... I really do think she is fantastic) had her launch meeting with the sales and marketing team at Random House and things seem  to have gone well (not sure what that means exactly... but we'll find out in a few weeks)


4) I got a peak at how my book jacket will be written up and I love it!  It is finally sinking in... I'm going to be published!

There are still a few big items pending... namely my cover art,  but I'm sure that will be done relatively soon. 

So, now I'm going into the summer (kids got out of school today) all jazzed up about writing.  I hope this translates into my finishing my second novel in the next couple of months.  We'll see.

Hope your summer is starting on good note too!

Ta-Da! My website is up and running!

Go check it out at www.christinagonzalez.com. Seriously, drag the mouse over the link and check it out. Then tell me what you think (good, bad or just a shout out to say you visited).

I will be updating the site with my author pictures (once I take them) and some slightly embarrasing pictures of me growing up (once I dig through some photo albums--- old high school friends beware - you may pop up in these photos, too). I will also post an excerpt from my book once I get the green light from Random House, but until then check out the playlist I made for The Red Umbrella (it's under the Books category). It's got some great Cuban music and some oldies from the early '60's. A great way to start the weekend!

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In My Editor's Hands

Well, I did it. I've sent the revised manuscript to my fabulous editor and (fingers crossed) I will be on the path to copy-edits and cover art in the next few weeks. Now that I can no longer tinker with it, I find myself debating... do I jump into my next project or do I actually do all the laundry I've been putting off? Do my kids really need absolutely clean socks? (Kidding, really, my kids' laundry always gets done... not so for my husband's stuff).

Finish Line

The end is in sight. I do believe that the final additions to THE RED UMBRELLA are almost done. I have one new chapter that I want to review and then, I think, it will be time to set this bird free. Hopefully, I'll have the strength to send it back to my editor tomorrow instead of convincing myself that it needs "one more run-through" thereby keeping it with me for a few more days. (Did I just write "thereby"? Man, the legalese from being an attorney for so many years just keeps popping up.)

I wonder if other people have such a hard time letting go? I'll post when it officially gets sent back.

Seeing my name and book title in PW

It was another manic Monday. Rushing to get the kids to school, then heading back home to spend a few quiet hours with my revisions. Then I heard the news. My book deal and a very brief (one-line) synopsis of the book had been printed in Publisher's Weekly. Really? I asked. I googled it. Yep, there it was. My name, my fabulous editor, and THE RED UMBRELLA all in black and white. See it for yourself ... http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6628117.html?industryid=47146

I did a little happy dance and called my mom who then proceeded to tell half of Miami (also known as my extended family). Anyway, eventually I settled down to concentrate on my revisions once again, but by this time it was almost time to pick up the kids. Oh well, one day of little revising isn't too bad. Especially since I am now so pumped up about the book!

Hope your week started with good news too!


Bio: Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Okay this is my first entry into the world of blogging and I'm going to start by chickening out a bit and taking the easy road.  I'm copying the Bio I had to submit for the 10'ers (group of debut authors for 2010) so everyone can get to know me a little better. 

Bear with me people... I'm just learning how  to use this thing! 

Name: Christina Diaz Gonzalez

'10 Book Title: THE RED UMBRELLA

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf /Random House

Favorite Bit of Writing Advice: Choose what you are going to do... write or edit.  Don't do both at the same time.

Favorite and least favorite part of writing:

Favorite: When an idea comes together.

Least Favorite: When an idea fizzles out... especially after doing the research and writing the first twenty pages.

Outline or Let it fly?:
As crazy as it may sound, I actually outline in my head and then let it fly.  It makes me feel like I'm writing with reckless abandon when I'm really quite methodical.

5 things about me
1. I love to watch soccer, but only if my kids' team is playing. 

2. I'm a lawyer and so is my husband, therefore we never fight... we "discuss".

3. I was born in a small Southern town that didn't get a McDonald's until I was 10.

4. I have a large Cuban family so weekend gatherings usually consist of 40 or more "immediate" relatives (reminiscent of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

5. I have a hard time writing about myself, so I had to ask my sister for help in doing this.

A year after the communist revolution, fourteen year old Lucia still leads a carefree life in Cuba thinking only of parties and boys.  But this all changes on the day the soldiers arrive in her small town and she is forced to face certain truths about her family, friends and country.

As the weeks pass and the effects of the revolution are felt all around, Lucia's parents make the heart-wrenching decision to send her and her little brother to the United States... alone.  In a new country, away from her parents, what will Lucia do with her newfound freedom?  Will she ever see her parents or her home again?  And if she does, will she still be the same girl?  

(This story is loosely based on my own parents' experience and that of over 14,000 other children who were part of Operation Pedro Pan --- the largest exodus of unaccompanied minors in the Western Hemisphere.)