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A Week of Adventure

After a few days of recovering from my American Southwest Adventure (aka this year's summer vacation) I am ready to get back to ordinary life...NOT!  The past week was incredibly fun and exciting for was a week of firsts. 

It was the first time I went white water rafting (that's me in the middle on the right side - in front of the lady trying to stand up -- silly lady).

It was the first time I saw the Grand Canyon (amazingly beautiful even if it was a bit frightening for people like moi who get nervous-- alright downright petrified-- of standing on the edge of anything remotely high),

it was the first time I rode a horse as an adult (last time I did this I was a teen),

the first time I helped prop up a boulder (okay there may be a little photo magic here),

and it was the first (possibly the last) time I jumped off the edge of a 25 foot cliff into a swimming hole (remember, I'm the one who is afraid of heights!) --  and no this is not the actual picture because I'm not crazy enough (or brave enough) to put a picture of myself in a swimsuit on the internet!

Then I did something really nerve-racking... I visited independent bookstores and talked to the owners about my book which comes out next May.  Here I am at Arches Book Company and the Well Red Coyote.  Later in the year, I 'll be featuring the different bookstores I visit and their owners/booksellers as part of my blog/website.


So now I'm ready to start a new adventure... except this time my characters will be doing all the fun stuff (I just get to write about it)!


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