Christina Gonzalez (christina_dg) wrote,
Christina Gonzalez

The Truth About Copy Edits

Well, I'm almost done with my copyedits (or is that copy edits... see I need a copyeditor for just that word!) and it isn't too bad of a process.  Yes, I feel like an idiot for my total lack of knowledge when it comes to the proper use of commas, but then again, I'm not a copyeditor.  (Did that sentence require an additional comma after "but"?)  The bright side is that there was one page (yes, only one out of 200+pages .... don't laugh) that did not have a single red mark on it.  Here's the page...

Wait for it...


Yes, there are only two lines on that page, but that's two good lines and I'm proud of them!

Ahhh, the truth about writing!
Tags: christina diaz gonzalez, copyedits, the red umbrella

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