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Summer Fun

Yes, I have been a bad blogger and not posted in a long while, but I'm back.  After spending a week in Grand Cayman, I've come back with new resolve to tackle my new book and do a better job of blogging.  So, for those of you who may one day want to travel to Grand Cayman, let me tell you...IT. IS. AWESOME! 

The water is an unbelievable shade of turquoise, the sand doesn't seem to get too hot and there's plenty to do for those who want a bit of adventure (and for those who want to veg out--- look at the view I had from under a Casuarina tree).

Some of my adventures included jet skiing to a sandbar to hang out with wild stingrays...very cool (and can I say how much I love my underwater camera that I bought at WalMart...look how clear you can see the stingray and our feet!).

Then we took the jet skis to a nearby barrier reef and snorkeled.  So peaceful and serene.

We also went horseback riding along the beach with Spirit of the West and part of the ride the horses go into the water and swim.  Yes, they actually swim with you riding them!  IT'S CRAZY!  I fell off while my horse was in about 10 feet of water (you're riding bareback in the water and my horse and I had a disagreement on which direction we should go...I lost the argument), but our guide got me back on Jeronimo (my horse) and we continued our adventure.  Can I just tell you that riding bareback is better than any thighmaster...I'm still sore from holding on.

I also did a liitle bit of work by doing a book presentation and signing at Books & Books Grand Cayman.  I was even interviewed by the local TV station.  Here's the link.

But, I also did a lot of thinking for my new novel (not the one that comes out next year... the one that isn't written and is just "marinating" in my head ).  I worked out some kinks in the story while I worked on my tan and floated around the perfectly calm waters of the Caribbean.  Now I can't wait to start putting some of the ideas on paper.  All in all, a VERY productive vacation!

Hope your summer is going equally well! 

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