Christina Gonzalez (christina_dg) wrote,
Christina Gonzalez

My name has changed!

No, not my real livejournal name.  Before I was cdgred-umbrella because I couldn't get Christina (or a variation of it) when I formed the account, but now I'm christina-dg. 


Now people will know my name when I comment on their posts...which may be bad thing depending on my comment.  :-)  No matter, I'm glad to have made the switch and I think I've done everything correctly so as to not lose any LJ friends or followers. 

So, what else is going on with me and my writing, you ask?  (Ok, so maybe you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway since I'm notoriously a horrible blogger who rarely posts.) Right now, I'm in the middle...fine, you caught me... the start of revising A Thunderous Whisper.  The book is scheduled to come out in 2012 and I really need to polish this sucka up!

The Red Umbrella is doing very well (thanks to all of you who have loved and supported it) and it should be going into it's SIXTH printing pretty soon.  Sixth!  Crazy, right?  It was also named to several Best of 2010 lists and chosen as a 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults by the American Library Association/YALSA.  The paperback will probably be coming out in December of this year (it was delayed because the hardcover is doing so well--- alas, a double-edged sword) and I have no information on the Spanish translation yet. 

Guess that about sums up my book news, so until next time...
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