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Christina Gonzalez


So, this is what I'm doing on my summer vacation...a book tour! I'm so excited!  

If you are near any of these cities, I hope you come out to say hi... I'd love to see my friends in real life! (Sorry I couldn't make the invite bigger, but if you click on it you'll see it in a separate window).

What are your summer plans? Are you doing a staycation or do you have BIG plans?

Washington, DC       Philadelphia                New York City             Hamptons          
June 26 at 2pm        June 28 at 4pm           June 30 at 5pm         July 2 at 3pm     
Hooray for Books      Harleysville Books     Books of Wonder      Books & Books  
1555 King Street       674 Main St.                18 West 18 St.           130 Main St.         
Alexandria, VA            Lansdale, PA              New York, NY             Westhampton Beach, NY   

 Boston                                     Los Angeles Area
July 3 at 2pm             July 31 at 6:30pm           Aug. 1 at 2pm
Borders                      Vroman’s Bookstore       Borders
340 Legacy Pl.          695 E. Colorado Blvd      100 S. Brand Blvd
Dedham, MA              Pasadena, CA                  Glendale, CA


Tags: book tour, the red umbrella

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