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Wazzup with me, you ask?

So it’s been almost a month since The Red Umbrella was released into the world and I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing.  After my launch party (which was crazy huge – read my earlier post about it here) I had my first tv appearances on NBC 6 and WLRN.

The WLRN spot was the public access channel that aired the Miami- Dade School Board meeting where I was the superintendent's invited guest.  During my speech I mentioned the importance of teachers and gave a shout out to one of my former high school English teachers.  Well, someone in the audience heard me mention Mr. Wycoff (who I haven't seen since graduation... many, many moons ago), they got a hold of him and after all these years (not going to say how many) he showed up at one of my signings. Look at us here.

How cool is that? He even said he was giving my book an A+.


Speaking of signings, they’ve been going really well and here are several pictures from the Books & Books in Coral Gables, B&N in Kendall, Inkwood in Tampa and B&N in Orlando.


Besides signings, I’ve also been busy visiting a few schools (and I’ve done signings there too).  Here are a few pictures... I LOVE speaking to kids!


I’ve also had a chance to attend an SCBWI conference and I critiqued several manuscripts from some talented writers.  It was a bit strange sitting on the other side of the critique table, but I hope the feedback I gave helps these writers achieve their dreams of getting published.  Here I am with some fellow conference attendees.


So, what’s in store for the next couple of months?  Lots of summertime fun with my family…sprinkled with more book signings.  Luckily my family is using my book tour as our summer vacation guide. 


Here’s my current schedule (as of today).  Let me know if you are in any of the cities I’ll be visiting...I'd love to see you!


June 12 – Barnes & Noble – Jensen Beach, FL

June 16 – Books & Books – Bal Harbor, FL

June 19 – Barnes & Noble – Ft. Myers, FL

June 26-  Hooray For Books - Alexandria, VA (DC area)
June 28 – Harleysville Books - Harleysville, PA (Philly area)

June 30 – Books of Wonder – New York, NY (with Heidi Kling & Angie Frazier)

July 2 – Books & Books – Westhampton, NY

July 3 – Borders – Boston, MA (with Danielle Joseph & Erin Dionne)

July 30 – SCBWI Annual Conference – Los Angeles, CA

July 31 – Vroman’s Books – Pasadena, CA

August 1 – Borders - Glendale (with Heidi Kling & Jennifer Cervantes)  


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