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A Fabulous Review from Kirkus!

Yes, I said Kirkus! For those who don't know, Kirkus Reviews is considered by many authors as "the Simon" (as in Simon from American Idol) of the book review world.  Their reviews have been known to bring authors to tears (and I'm not talking joyful tears either). So you can imagine how nervous I was when I heard that Kirkus had chosen to review my book. My poor nails paid the price because I spent all day chewing on them until my wonderful editor told me the good news...Kirkus liked the book.  In fact they called it an "exceptional historical novel".  YAY!  So, while I go try to fix my nails, you can read the review.

KIRKUS REVIEWS, April 15, 2010

Gonzalez, Christina Diaz - THE RED UMBRELLA

This is the story of Lucía, a Cuban girl who, at the age of 14, leaves her hometown of Puerto Mijares and flies to the United States from Havana with her little brother, Frankie, but without their parents. After arriving at a temporary shelter, they are soon transferred to the Baxters’ home in Nebraska. Through Lucía’s captivating voice, readers travel in time to the year 1961, when members of the Cuban bourgeoisie witnessed the drastic transformation of their society into a communist system. While Lucía’s best friend, Ivette, and her secret sweetheart, Manuel, embrace the revolution and become, with their parents’ support, “brigadistas,” Lucía’s parents, a banker and a housewife, refuse to accept the changes imposed by the new government and make the heartbreaking and, for the times, shocking decision to send their daughter and son to a foreign country, without knowing if they would be able to see them again. Gonzalez enters the literary scene with this exceptional historical novel that portrays the beginning of the Cuban exodus. (Historical fiction. 10 & up) 


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