Christina Gonzalez (christina_dg) wrote,
Christina Gonzalez

Miami Book Fair- What to Wear?

The Miami Book Fair is coming up and I was just asked to introduce two great authors Joan Biscupic (Biography of Justice Scalia) and Barry Friedman (The Will of the People) who will be doing a panel talk on Satuday afternoon.  Seems that I was chosen since I am both a lawyer and author, so I guess the law degree comes in handy even for promoting my new writing career. 

Anyway, now the important decision will be...what to wear?  The event is being taped by C-SPAN Book TV and so the question becomes even more critical (although I will probably be edited out of the taping).  My wonderful Tenner cohorts have suggested I do the following:  wear a tweed sportsjacket with elbow patches and a monocle, carry a pipe, sit by a fireplace and play some background mood music. 

Hmm, methinks I will definitely stand out... but not in a good way!  A thorough scan of my closet (and that of my sister's) may be in order.  Perhaps even a bit of retail therapy will be necessary.

Regardless, I hope everyone in the Miami area comes out for this wonderful event.  There's something for everyone (from kids to monocled, tweed-sportsjacketed, pipe-smoking book lovers).  Here are some pictures from past years (from the fair's website).

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